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FIFA 15 pushes the Sky Sports-inspired look

jzapple posted @ 2016年2月24日 13:10 in 未分类 with tags FIFA , 449 阅读

Money isn t just required to get players, either: you also need to spend coins to maintain the contract you have with any given player every time you put them out on the field. These contracts vary in price depending on the skill level and ranking of the player. The best way to FUT 15 Coins earn coins, meanwhile, is by successfully completing matches or selling off players. Burke explained to me that he can usually get 500 coins for completing a match at this point.The transaction behind illegitimate coin pruchases is relatively simple.

A Fifa purchaser could amass 5,000,000 FIFA coins through clever manipulation of the transfer market over an extended period. The player could then agree to sell the haul to an online purchaser for 19.99. The purchaser sends the agreed sum via Paypal for unspecified goods and services , and then lists a FUT card with next-to-no-value a League Two team s away kit, for instance on the in-game market for a Buy It Now price of 5,000,000. The rest of the world scoffs at such ridiculous pricing for something near worthless, leaving it free for the coin-seller to purchase.

The two-way transaction is complete. And EA hasn t seen a dime.FIFA 15 pushes the Sky Sports-inspired look and feel with superb cutaways and replays, titles, close-ups and the rest that leave it closely resembling real TV coverage EA s mantra this year is Feel The Game , which is a marketer s way of saying they ve captured the emotional and dramatic side of the sport, along with all the kicking and running. This is tantamount to FUT Coins cutscenes showing players dropping to their knees at a missed chance, shouting at each other when mistakes are made, pushing opponents after a bad tackle, but it does breathe life into a series that has always felt a little robotic.  

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