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Prepare ahead of time to make your prom night

jzapple posted @ 2015年10月17日 13:51 in 未分类 with tags Dress , 62 阅读

With prom season upon us, the decision-making madness continues well after saying "yes." Now to the dress, hair, makeup and prom accessories! Most of lace wedding dresses us fashion forward people know that the wrong hair and makeup can take you from fab to drab, unforgivingly, and prom night is no exception. The right accessories can take you from "there," to "out of this world;" and so, they are definitely worth your time and attention.

It's time to start combing through your favorite hair and fashion magazines for inspiration. You can also easily find a celeb with tresses similar to yours from the many pictures available just after the last awards season past. Gather a few images that could work for you and stick them to a big piece of cardboard so that you can have your own image board of styles and makeup direction to refer to.

Is your dress full-on glam, like something Kate Winslet or Beyonce would wear? Or is it more minimalist-chic like Jennifer Aniston's collection of LBDs? If these looks are similar to wedding dresses sydney yours, then stick with foolproof hair and makeup. Classic colors like black and white, drop-waist mermaid styles, and floor-length gowns without a lot of bells and whistles require traditional looks that won't clash with the elegance of your dress.


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