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Because of these two games are held in the week, so the fastest Chelsea this weekend will be able to win the championship. Chelsea fans so good news is that the team's game against Crystal Palace will be at home, that is when Chelsea are expected to advance in their own home to celebrate the three games to win the fifa Premier League.In FIFA 16 Coins, you will buy cheaper than other Fifa 15 Coins, so buy it immediately.  Last News :  Inter Milan officially announced Zanetti retired  

Gerard and Lampard won the PFA Award for lifetime achievementFifa Champions League Barcelona qualify for the semi inals 2014/15 UEFA Champions League quarter-final second leg at the Nou Camp in a main event started, Barcelona 2-0 win over Paris Saint-Germain, and with a total score of 5 to 1 in advance. The first half of the game, Iniesta consecutive assists Neymar after extraordinary break, Alves exquisite pass to help Neymar headed accomplishment.The first three minutes, David - Lewis backcourt stopping too, then for the top Rakitic was a yellow card.

The first four minutes, Pique pick the ball inside the penalty area extraordinary unsuccessful. 10 minutes ago, relatively slow pace of the game, so the match in favor of Buy FIFA 16 Coins Barcelona. The first 11 minutes, Messi and Suarez consecutive passes the front right side of the field, followed by participation Iniesta pass the ball but accidentally lost. The first 13 minutes, Neymar pass, Massey Road Closed hit the door is blocked. The first 14 minutes, Iniesta starting backcourt ball with three people in front of the penalty area and sent exquisite straight plug, cut speed Neymar had lost goalkeeper Sirigu play Buddhism succeeded, 1-0.

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