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RS will unlock your flap emote

jzapple posted @ 2015年10月23日 09:36 in 未分类 with tags RS , 69 阅读

BuyRS2007Gold won't share your information to any third party without your permission.  2. Lowest Price Guarantee   BuyRS2007Gold strives to provide a huge amount of real cheap Runescape 2007 gold (Old School Runescape Gold) for players, and we firmly believe that all the 2007 RS gold for sale at our RS Gold site is the cheapest.  Every Runescape player wants to keep safe in game all the time, whatever about the account banned or was killed by others.

The Stronghold of Security is a way for Newcomers to learn how to keep their accounts safe, as well as their personal information. Besides that, you get 10k for finishing it!  Set your recovery questions. Go to the Runescape Home Page and on the left, click on Set new Recovery Questions. You will have to sign in and a form will appear. Fill out the form and click continue; Go to Barbarian Village located west of Varrock and south of Edgeville; Go to the hole next to the tin mining area and climb down the hole.

This is the Stronghold of Security; When you go through the first level of the stronghold, none of the monsters are aggressive, so all you have to worry about is answering the questions correctly; Enter the passage to it; Open the treasure chest. Nothing will try to kill you on the first level. You will unlock your flap emote and receive 2k, which you should put into the bank immediately; Climb down the ladder and run through the Buy RS Gold other levels; it starts getting trickier and things will attack you. (If you need health, stop inside two of the doors that ask questions, for nothing can hurt you.)

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