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You are a new hand in Runescape

jzapple posted @ 2015年11月25日 09:26 in 未分类 with tags RS , 70 阅读

If you are a new hand in Runescape, you can take my advice to get higher level. After creating your game characters you will get many Novice task and get through them and start your trip to RS Gold next stage. So, more RS Gold you can get and strong Runescape Powerleveling you can upgrade. When you finish your novice task then you will arrive at LUMBRIDGE which is a city for new guys.

Reload your sword and start to kill. No matter the resident or the green monster you just hack them but don't touch the guider or you will be in trouble of Runescape. You will get in the level 5 if you continue killing the monster. Then you walk to the east and turn to the north after cross the river and come into a very big fence where many cows are.

Yes, no more word just put up you sword hack them and you will get more leather. Remember to keep them in your bank. These leathers are very valuable for Cheap RuneScape gold new hand to make Runescape Gold. You can upgrade to the level 20 when you keep killing the cow then you can go to ALKHARID. Go directly to the ALKHARID bank and sell your leather to players in the price of each 100GP. Now this is the first time for you to make money in the Runescape.

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