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In the game, 17 Real Madrid FIFA 15 fans sang songs aiming at insulting Messi and Catalan. The matter was subsequently notified to the LFP, while Real Madrid has responded quickly to this: prohibit these FIFA 15 seventeen fans from watching the scene.Bent on Buy FIFA 15 Coins eliminating violence LFP Spanish football in the last week decided to inform the Committee of the four-way anti-violence insult fans by singing events, and the evidence will have to by court staff to get feedback or video recording.LFP caught the first since in FIFA the current is referred to in a recent Messi singing as "low energy" Real Madrid fans.

In addition, in the FIFA Sevilla game against Rayo Vallecano there are fans singing and insulting LFP chairman Javier Tebas, the matter was that they recorded.In the end, if you want to buy FIFA 15 coins, you can buy from us fifacoinvip. We have the cheapest FIFA 15 coins and the fastest delivery. You can compare our price with others’, we are definitely the cheapest.  Last News :  Real Madrid 18 in a row broke two legend  Next News :  fifacoinvip Granted Messi Hat Trick Champion over C Lofifacoinvip got the news that Helter talked with Di Matteo about transfer Before we go to the topic, you should know what fifacoinvip is. fifacoinvip is the best site to sell FIFA 15 coins online. You can buy here without danger of being banned.

Fifa 15 staff Schalke sporting director Helter recently in an interview revealed that he has had discussions with Fifa 15 coach Helter signings related issues, but in this issue before deciding the final green light, there are some Fifa 15 coins issues they need to deal with.In an interview, Helter said: "Of course we thought about the signings of the problem, but now there are several outstanding issues to be resolved, such as when are we going to Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Coins get out from fifacoinvip the injury crisis who and balls? Fifa 15 team went to Qatar Winter? Of course there is, we can enter the Champions League knockout? "

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