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FIFA reject Suarez commutation request

jzapple posted @ 2016年1月27日 10:31 in 未分类 with tags FIFA , 57 阅读

He said."In Brazil we will play very stressful, this is normal, but even if it is on the road to play, the fans will still have a high expectations for us."Neymar also denied the national team too dependent on his allegations. "Those who say Brazil rely on my people do not know the ball, I was lucky to have good teammates to help me shine in the national team.""I think Brazil has a very good young generation, if we work hard, we can create a better future." For latest information on FIFA 16 player Neymar, all in FUT 15 Coins  Last News :  FIFA reject Suarez commutation request

Bruyne was elected to German FootballerFIFA election of a new chairman next year Last month, after a series of scandals embarrassed the football corruption scandal, FIFA Executive Committee held in Zurich, Switzerland headquarters. The fifacoinvip.co reported that the meeting identified new FIFA president election will take place next year on February 26. It is worth mentioning that, at a news conference after the Executive Committee, Blatter and FIFA Secretary General Walker had just seated, suddenly out of a man, loudly denounced Blatter insult to football, and a sprinkle a lot of dollars in Blatter's body.

The meeting has two main themes: how the election of the future direction of a new chairman and FIFA. The meeting identified the new FIFA president election will take place next year on February 26. But UEFA President Michel Platini has announced that he will decide whether to FIFA 16 Accounts participate in elections within 10 days, once the election, he will be elected the most popular candidate.In accordance with previous plans, Blatter will attend the press conference after the meeting, and this is his first appearance in front of the international media after 2 June resignation.

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