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Now, at the club best 2012, has become the Buy FIFA 15 Coins advocate amid leaders and players, who acquire several months of contributed wages."

We are in mediation, but we admit that it acquire to never right. I do not to accomplishment the thing, that consensuen, den term.

These are things that yield abounding years (in Barcelona). Sometimes not accede with accustomed (players) payable to the old (for claims), but these things go forward, "he says.Barcelona is one of the clubs that acquire cases in the AFE, declared Jorge Guzman, and said that this year the demands and requirements to pay about tripled. "There acquire been 200 requests for allowance debts to the players. Endure year there were 100. And there is FIFA 15 Coins still the aggregate of this year. In addition, there are 50 requirements, acclimated to accuse that the abecedarian on the cloister and in two weeks the admiral to ensure complete payment, "he says, while the Chamber of criticism Arbitration FEF agilité no payment, and adds that if the clubs would be attributable to added than $ 10 actor in wages.

Controversy over amateurish checkups

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Controversy over amateurish checkups, clubs acquire to accommodated parties with anxiety because the owners debris to play adjoin non-payment of their salaries, players who get addled in convenance because they do not eat for non-payment, claims for contributed accomplishment or awards afore the Ecuador Football Players Affiliation (AFE), the Ecuadorian Football Alliance (FEF) and even to FIFA. Closures and calls for burning payments for the debts with the Ecuadorian Amusing Aegis Institute (IESS) and the Centralized Acquirement Account (IRS).These are realities of this year's teams aggressive in the civic championship game. Guzman Jorge Mancilla, AFE manager, said that so far 250 player’s club alternation

A and B presented their demands or requirements (complaints) adjoin clubs that accomplish by debts endure year were 100 cases.While Manuel Carrillo Picon indicates that the Chamber of Cheap FIFA 16 Coins Arbitration FEF- he - runs acquire able 285 demands.

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