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FIFA 15 is a better game of football

jzapple posted @ 2016年1月06日 09:42 in 未分类 with tags FIFA , 46 阅读

On Legendary your teammates become morons while the other team become gods.Unowned balls rolling right in front of players and having them fail to grab it.Defenders failing to engage for any reasonThrow-ins failing to find a playerThe game not allowing a teammate to receive the ball during manual passing that doesn t really go to any player.AI being able to tackle from behind with consistent success, while we get fouled every time we try.Ridiculous counterattacks that often lead to scores To BuyFIFA 16 Coins you can find from http://www.fifacoinvip.co/

FIFA 15 is a better game of football than FIFA 14 The bottom line is that FIFA 15 is a better game of football than FIFA 14. Away from the gameplay aspects and the matches, Match Day Live is an interesting feature within FIFA 2015. After choosing your favourite team, you ll receive regular real-life updates about Buy FIFA Coins your club as you play through the game. For example, if you choose West Bromwich Albion, you ll find news and match reports about WBA s last real life match, along with the option to play their next fixture in game, and simulate the result for yourself.This inherently alters the way you play the game in almost every scenario.

As well as lending bigger, stronger players more power, it also grants smaller, nimbler players more agility. Run shoulder-to-shoulder against Lucas Moura with Mats Hummels and you ll shrug him off the ball with laughable ease. Try to take him on on the turn going back on FIFA 16 Coins your heels and he ll dance away like a gazelle from a milk float. This also means that you can t just take the fastest defender you can find and stick them at full-back expecting them to dominate. For once there s room in the game for slower full-backs like Branislav Ivanovic and Christophe Jallet jockeying is infinitely harder and holding down the contain button no longer turns your defender into a magnet.

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