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Chelsea at the weekend in the Fifa 16 Coins game

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UEFA official definition of team coefficient, coefficient depends on the club in the Champions League and Europa League scores achieved total statistics of the club in the past five seasons, scoring World War coefficient (including this season).Top 10 almost no change from FIFA 16 Coins the original Arsenal first nine, dropped to 10, from Dortmund, the first 10 to No. 9. Arsenal in the Champions League this season, bad grades, although defeated Bayern Munich, they also lost two Fifa 16 coins online games should not be lost.

The FA formally charged FIFA 16 Mourinho Because Mourinho allegedly insulting the referee's words and deeds in the game against West Ham, FA officially presented its allegations. In addition, the FA also against Chelsea and West Ham both clubs warned, because they could not control his player's behavior. Mourinho this season non-continuously, some time ago this month he has since questioned the referee was fined £ 50,000 and suspended for a probation penalty. British media said that this time Mike Mussina might encounter penalties: 5-game suspension.

Once the penalties come true, Mourinho will certainly miss the weekend's home game against Liverpool red and blue war.West Ham and Chelsea at the weekend in the Fifa 16 Coins game, get personal Matic second yellow card sent off at the end of the first half. During the break, looking disgruntled Mourinho referee theory, improper happened between words and deeds, which the referee Moss also sent off. After the game, the referee will conduct Mourinho referee report written and submitted to the FA, the FA after reading the report of Buy FIFA 15 Coins the referee after the decision Moss Mourinho allegations.

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