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Croatia captain for the World CupThe FIFA

jzapple posted @ 2016年1月09日 10:31 in 未分类 with tags FIFA , 61 阅读

If you want to find more World Cup and cheapfifa coins news, please click Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Coins  Last News : Uruguay have the strongest double gun on 2014 World Cup  Next News : Croatia captain for the World CupThe FIFA African President hope to reach 2014 World Cup semifinals World Cup five African teams participating in Brazil, Algeria, Cameroon, ivory coast, Ghana, Nigeria. With the rising of the African football level, and their status in world football has also grown.Vice President of FIFA, the African confederation President issa - the figure on the declared last week, hope to have in the Brazilian World Cup African team in the last four.

Ha, chairman of the figure said, "African football has been greatly improved, and if African football can be more successful, now I'm sure I will be more happy. We will continue to stride in the football competition, especially in this year's World Cup. I don't understand why can't we have one or two African team qualify for the 2014 World Cup semi-finals, even killed into the World Cup final." Obviously, the figure had high hopes for the World Cup African team President, hope to have a team in the last four at least.

And is now on the African continent in the World Cup of World Cup ambassador gullit also talked about this topic, the Dutch legend says, "I have been looking at football Ghana, Nigeria, ivory coast and other African countries, I see they have been able to enter the World Cup knockout stages. I appreciate Ghana at FUT 15 Coins the World Cup, I think they have enough ability to cope with any opponent. In addition, Brazil's climate is conducive to the African players kicked out, this is likely to be a key factor.

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