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jzapple posted @ 2016年1月12日 09:56 in 未分类 with tags FIFA , 66 阅读

Don't call between two others, his contribution to the total 12 assists in three fronts, including three times are for macy's; And Lionel messi is also assists 12 times, but no one is passed to the maldives. Although two people together played only 937 minutes, but with such data is startling.After for more than half a season of Buy FIFA Coins running-in, the maldives today has not yet been thoroughly into the Barcelona's tactical system. At santos, omar is the team in front of free men, and his position closer to the side at Barcelona, depend on personal ability to complete cross cut inside or to create opportunities.

In Brazil in the past, he has the absolute right to fire, but he just on offense at Barcelona's number two. When many times at santos midfielder started even several people live for a long time have no staged, because this is the number one messi Barcelona's patents.In Brazil, center for FIFA 16 Coins his pull out the attack is the role of space, and Lionel messi is need teammates to create opportunities for him. Before the transfer, omar is in attack core, came to Barcelona, he needs to cooperate with Lionel messi go and do the ball, role change and cooperate on the rusty temporarily made quite promising "in combination" did not achieve the desired height, omar wants to in Barcelona, must make a change.

On the style. Although two people don't call, the main problem out of him, but like black messi's people are more willing to believe that is a small flea kill new Brazilian emperor. Past eto 'o, David villa, zlatan ibrahimovic and Henry, the world's leading striker after meet messi lost peak level, now his some on a path to the elder.If you really want to find How and Where to buy Vip Fifa 14 Coins Cheap online, please click http://www.fifacoinvip.co/  

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