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MSN showed us great performance in FIFA 15

jzapple posted @ 2016年1月13日 10:45 in 未分类 with tags FIFA , 61 阅读

There was nearly no direct contact with the Martial. You captain, What are you suggesting?Now fifacoinvip does not worry about Marchal individual capabilities, was quite worried about the squad atmosphere. Manchester United midfielder lacked of FUT Coins good cooperation, it is very unfavorable to Marchal.  

BBC will Play Against MSN Again In football, MSN and BBC is always a hot topic. Who are better, stronger and powerfull, fifacoinvip.co thinks it is hard to talk.Last season, MSN showed us great performance in FIFA 15. Although BBC also has a good performance, in last season MSN is really came out on top. But now, with C Ronaldo's courage and power again, the number of goals this season now the BBC made is more than MSN's.

Real Madrid now scored 11 goals, in which nine goals are monopolized by the BBC. C Ronaldo's five goals are amazing! CR7 has came to a new birth. It is somewhat similar to FIFA 16 Accounts Real Madrid, Barcelona, in opened early season offensive, does not do very well. fifacoinvip hopes Messi can play well like last season.Barcelona scored only two goals in the first two rounds. fifacoinvip and FIFA 16 fans are worried about Barca's future.

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