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FIFA Barca players never give C Ronaldo vote

Atletico Madrid La Liga champions last season, but only got the best coach Diego Simeone awards, the players no one receive any individual awards. Real Madrid is the second runner-up last season, but the C Ronaldo was elected as the best player, which caused great controversy. Spain is the Spanish Professional Football League, the second division league managers, the Alliance main Xidibasi a statement on the matter today. Di Basi refused to FIFA 15 Coins release details of the vote, and to recognize the words if you change the voting mechanism, C Ronaldo will not be elected as the best player.

FIFA famous player Godin yesterday has publicly complained that the organizers should publish details of voting, otherwise the selection lacks sufficient credibility. For this, Di Basi responded with: "One thing must be clear, voting must be secret. Otherwise, FIFA Barca players never give C Ronaldo vote, Real Madrid players will never give Barcelona players vote only in the case of confidential , the vote will be pure. "At present, people have the right to vote, but each coach and captain, has called on the media to give the whole of La Liga players to freely vote. On this point, Debouse also gives his view: "If the freedom to vote and voting details to be announced, then voters will vote thinking, who is my friend, who was my team-mate.

I'm sure that if in this case, C Ronaldo will not be winning. "Atletico were down by the injustice complained, Di Basi gives his views:"Godin 0 votes, Iniesta 24 votes, eight votes Cork Cork list does not elected to the Golden Globes, Yinie Starr was elected. If Cork won the best attacking midfielder award, list of Cheap FIFA 15 Coins Golden Globe will lead to controversy."Di Basi final confirmation, the Spanish government will not change the mode of the awards: "Today, these disputes are being artificially produced, are very subjective selection mechanism if you want to change, then it is impossible not to bring any issue."

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Messi crowned top scorer in the Champions League history, while he also created another record. When the last round of La Liga match against Sevilla, Messi alone got in the ternary. And today he once again played a hat-trick, he became the first player of hat trick twice in Barcelona staged history as back to FIFA Coins back. And the last to accomplish this miracle dated back to 1710 days ago.Compared to C Ronaldo last year, now Messi in La Liga with six goals at two wars in the Champions League do not equate? In fact just before the start of the game, the Catalan media, "World Sports Daily" had bluntly:

FIFA dare delay the Golden Globes vote like last year? Messi crowned this year's Golden Globes is certainly worthy. Also do not forget Argentina to enter the World Cup finals, Messi was remembered in mind. In occasion of the World Cup, he was also elected the tournament MVP.In the end, if you want to buy the cheapest FIFA 15 coins, you can buy from www.fifacoinvip.co. We are looking forward to your visit.  Last News :  fifacoinvip is complaining goalkeeper in FIFA 15 repeat words again and again  Next News :  FIFA 15 532 advantages and disadvantagesFifa 15 Bayern is eager to learn from Manchester mistakes fifacoinvip.COM,

Buy Fifa Coins, Fifa 15Bayern Munich 3-2 defeat at Manchester city on Tuesday, can't be a coach pep guardiola, who says his side will lead to the mistakes of failure for the first time since August the best time to study. Fifa 15Bayern Munich have been fixed on the top of Cheap FIFA Coins the Fifachampions league group E before they travel to Manchester, but the future is still 2-1, 85 minutes before the game control, although played most of the game with 10 men.Optimal two personal mistake, however, the hosts in the dying minutes, the Fifapremiership champions a rebound in unexpected victory, let them they seem destined to collapse in the competition, in the Fifa 15group stages. "

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In the game, 17 Real Madrid FIFA 15 fans sang songs aiming at insulting Messi and Catalan. The matter was subsequently notified to the LFP, while Real Madrid has responded quickly to this: prohibit these FIFA 15 seventeen fans from watching the scene.Bent on Buy FIFA 15 Coins eliminating violence LFP Spanish football in the last week decided to inform the Committee of the four-way anti-violence insult fans by singing events, and the evidence will have to by court staff to get feedback or video recording.LFP caught the first since in FIFA the current is referred to in a recent Messi singing as "low energy" Real Madrid fans.

In addition, in the FIFA Sevilla game against Rayo Vallecano there are fans singing and insulting LFP chairman Javier Tebas, the matter was that they recorded.In the end, if you want to buy FIFA 15 coins, you can buy from us fifacoinvip. We have the cheapest FIFA 15 coins and the fastest delivery. You can compare our price with others’, we are definitely the cheapest.  Last News :  Real Madrid 18 in a row broke two legend  Next News :  fifacoinvip Granted Messi Hat Trick Champion over C Lofifacoinvip got the news that Helter talked with Di Matteo about transfer Before we go to the topic, you should know what fifacoinvip is. fifacoinvip is the best site to sell FIFA 15 coins online. You can buy here without danger of being banned.

Fifa 15 staff Schalke sporting director Helter recently in an interview revealed that he has had discussions with Fifa 15 coach Helter signings related issues, but in this issue before deciding the final green light, there are some Fifa 15 coins issues they need to deal with.In an interview, Helter said: "Of course we thought about the signings of the problem, but now there are several outstanding issues to be resolved, such as when are we going to Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Coins get out from fifacoinvip the injury crisis who and balls? Fifa 15 team went to Qatar Winter? Of course there is, we can enter the Champions League knockout? "

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For his French junior benzema, zinedine zidane also praised the words: "he is a real and a very important player. People often suspect that real Madrid should no 9 shirt for Buy FIFA Coins benzema, but I want to say, questioning him, you are wrong.""He is not a year like cristiano ronaldo scored more than 60 striker," like benzema is of Algerian descent zinedine zidane said, "but he look after each and every one of his role on the team is always the most just when appropriate, few people in the world can do that."As a retired from real Madrid midfielder, zinedine zidane now second team led by real Madrid castilla in west third league, given at the beginning of the season because license storm nearly suspended, he flew back to France coach training classes every week.

If you want to know more information about Cheap Fifa 15 Coins , you can come here http://www.fifacoinvip.co/.  Last News :  Global League Rank No.1 La Liga from fifacoinvip  Next News :  fifacoinvip Shares Barcelona Four Players Striving for BaltraTheir sixth straight win la liga win over Barcelona elche 2014-15 west yet 20 rounds, Barcelona's martinez - 6-0 victory over Mr Luo stadium elche. Harvey free-kick that allowed Gerard pique, messi scored 2 goals and 2 assists and brace omar within 3 minutes, faisal dyed red leaves play, his last moments that allowed pedro. Barcelona have each won six straight games, scored 23 goals conceded just 1 ball. Barcelona has continued since 1974 against elche unbeaten record.

Nearly 17 meetings, Barcelona 13 wins 4 grades, at the same time continue all against elche four times this season on record. Barcelona has continued since April 23, 1978 zero elche magic records, nearly 10 times the two sides met, Barcelona scored 36 goals clean sheets. Following the January 29, 1961 at 7-2 victory over real zaragoza after Barcelona for the second time on FIFA 16 Coins the road above single-game scoring six goals.His celebrated career 350 games, including his 225 appearances for santos, 65 appearances for Barcelona, 60 appearances for the Brazil national team.

MSN showed us great performance in FIFA 15

There was nearly no direct contact with the Martial. You captain, What are you suggesting?Now fifacoinvip does not worry about Marchal individual capabilities, was quite worried about the squad atmosphere. Manchester United midfielder lacked of FUT Coins good cooperation, it is very unfavorable to Marchal.  

BBC will Play Against MSN Again In football, MSN and BBC is always a hot topic. Who are better, stronger and powerfull, fifacoinvip.co thinks it is hard to talk.Last season, MSN showed us great performance in FIFA 15. Although BBC also has a good performance, in last season MSN is really came out on top. But now, with C Ronaldo's courage and power again, the number of goals this season now the BBC made is more than MSN's.

Real Madrid now scored 11 goals, in which nine goals are monopolized by the BBC. C Ronaldo's five goals are amazing! CR7 has came to a new birth. It is somewhat similar to FIFA 16 Accounts Real Madrid, Barcelona, in opened early season offensive, does not do very well. fifacoinvip hopes Messi can play well like last season.Barcelona scored only two goals in the first two rounds. fifacoinvip and FIFA 16 fans are worried about Barca's future.

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Don't call between two others, his contribution to the total 12 assists in three fronts, including three times are for macy's; And Lionel messi is also assists 12 times, but no one is passed to the maldives. Although two people together played only 937 minutes, but with such data is startling.After for more than half a season of Buy FIFA Coins running-in, the maldives today has not yet been thoroughly into the Barcelona's tactical system. At santos, omar is the team in front of free men, and his position closer to the side at Barcelona, depend on personal ability to complete cross cut inside or to create opportunities.

In Brazil in the past, he has the absolute right to fire, but he just on offense at Barcelona's number two. When many times at santos midfielder started even several people live for a long time have no staged, because this is the number one messi Barcelona's patents.In Brazil, center for FIFA 16 Coins his pull out the attack is the role of space, and Lionel messi is need teammates to create opportunities for him. Before the transfer, omar is in attack core, came to Barcelona, he needs to cooperate with Lionel messi go and do the ball, role change and cooperate on the rusty temporarily made quite promising "in combination" did not achieve the desired height, omar wants to in Barcelona, must make a change.

On the style. Although two people don't call, the main problem out of him, but like black messi's people are more willing to believe that is a small flea kill new Brazilian emperor. Past eto 'o, David villa, zlatan ibrahimovic and Henry, the world's leading striker after meet messi lost peak level, now his some on a path to the elder.If you really want to find How and Where to buy Vip Fifa 14 Coins Cheap online, please click http://www.fifacoinvip.co/  

Croatia captain for the World CupThe FIFA

If you want to find more World Cup and cheapfifa coins news, please click Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Coins  Last News : Uruguay have the strongest double gun on 2014 World Cup  Next News : Croatia captain for the World CupThe FIFA African President hope to reach 2014 World Cup semifinals World Cup five African teams participating in Brazil, Algeria, Cameroon, ivory coast, Ghana, Nigeria. With the rising of the African football level, and their status in world football has also grown.Vice President of FIFA, the African confederation President issa - the figure on the declared last week, hope to have in the Brazilian World Cup African team in the last four.

Ha, chairman of the figure said, "African football has been greatly improved, and if African football can be more successful, now I'm sure I will be more happy. We will continue to stride in the football competition, especially in this year's World Cup. I don't understand why can't we have one or two African team qualify for the 2014 World Cup semi-finals, even killed into the World Cup final." Obviously, the figure had high hopes for the World Cup African team President, hope to have a team in the last four at least.

And is now on the African continent in the World Cup of World Cup ambassador gullit also talked about this topic, the Dutch legend says, "I have been looking at football Ghana, Nigeria, ivory coast and other African countries, I see they have been able to enter the World Cup knockout stages. I appreciate Ghana at FUT 15 Coins the World Cup, I think they have enough ability to cope with any opponent. In addition, Brazil's climate is conducive to the African players kicked out, this is likely to be a key factor.

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Degea this week whether the play is still unknown According to fifacoinvip reported that Manchester United coach Van Gaal now does not rule out against Liverpool at Buy FIFA Coins the weekend when the team let Degea play, but everything depends on the circumstances of their training, would not even rule out the training in the last one Lesson end before making a decision.Degea soap opera this summer, Manchester United and Real Madrid among the three parties has caused very hurt, of course, the greatest loss was Degea.

Spaniard now faces squad and his teammates and coach relationship is extremely embarrassing situation, and he wants to be described as a move to Real Madrid bent, resulting in today's outcome will certainly cause his heart before a very big blow.However, Degea now also made a professional player should do, according to reports, the Spanish current training attitude is very good, but he also reveals a strong willingness to play for Fifa 16 Coins Online Manchester United the weekend.

And although Van Gaal style of doing things a little stubborn, but the Dutchman as a professional coach, a lot of time to do things is also based on occupational point of view, if the Spaniards really in the training of its exhibit a good competitive state, then does not exclude Germany hoja will go to FIFA 16 Coins when they were sent to play.For Degea can play it on the weekend, and now of course, it is unknown. Van Gaal requires careful observed Degea state, which may even allow the goalkeeper to make the first decision until the last minute before submitting the first list.

Chelsea at the weekend in the Fifa 16 Coins game

UEFA official definition of team coefficient, coefficient depends on the club in the Champions League and Europa League scores achieved total statistics of the club in the past five seasons, scoring World War coefficient (including this season).Top 10 almost no change from FIFA 16 Coins the original Arsenal first nine, dropped to 10, from Dortmund, the first 10 to No. 9. Arsenal in the Champions League this season, bad grades, although defeated Bayern Munich, they also lost two Fifa 16 coins online games should not be lost.

The FA formally charged FIFA 16 Mourinho Because Mourinho allegedly insulting the referee's words and deeds in the game against West Ham, FA officially presented its allegations. In addition, the FA also against Chelsea and West Ham both clubs warned, because they could not control his player's behavior. Mourinho this season non-continuously, some time ago this month he has since questioned the referee was fined £ 50,000 and suspended for a probation penalty. British media said that this time Mike Mussina might encounter penalties: 5-game suspension.

Once the penalties come true, Mourinho will certainly miss the weekend's home game against Liverpool red and blue war.West Ham and Chelsea at the weekend in the Fifa 16 Coins game, get personal Matic second yellow card sent off at the end of the first half. During the break, looking disgruntled Mourinho referee theory, improper happened between words and deeds, which the referee Moss also sent off. After the game, the referee will conduct Mourinho referee report written and submitted to the FA, the FA after reading the report of Buy FIFA 15 Coins the referee after the decision Moss Mourinho allegations.

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On Legendary your teammates become morons while the other team become gods.Unowned balls rolling right in front of players and having them fail to grab it.Defenders failing to engage for any reasonThrow-ins failing to find a playerThe game not allowing a teammate to receive the ball during manual passing that doesn t really go to any player.AI being able to tackle from behind with consistent success, while we get fouled every time we try.Ridiculous counterattacks that often lead to scores To BuyFIFA 16 Coins you can find from http://www.fifacoinvip.co/

FIFA 15 is a better game of football than FIFA 14 The bottom line is that FIFA 15 is a better game of football than FIFA 14. Away from the gameplay aspects and the matches, Match Day Live is an interesting feature within FIFA 2015. After choosing your favourite team, you ll receive regular real-life updates about Buy FIFA Coins your club as you play through the game. For example, if you choose West Bromwich Albion, you ll find news and match reports about WBA s last real life match, along with the option to play their next fixture in game, and simulate the result for yourself.This inherently alters the way you play the game in almost every scenario.

As well as lending bigger, stronger players more power, it also grants smaller, nimbler players more agility. Run shoulder-to-shoulder against Lucas Moura with Mats Hummels and you ll shrug him off the ball with laughable ease. Try to take him on on the turn going back on FIFA 16 Coins your heels and he ll dance away like a gazelle from a milk float. This also means that you can t just take the fastest defender you can find and stick them at full-back expecting them to dominate. For once there s room in the game for slower full-backs like Branislav Ivanovic and Christophe Jallet jockeying is infinitely harder and holding down the contain button no longer turns your defender into a magnet.